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Gain unique strategies while garnering growth and sustainability online.

Helping you grow your social footprint, because culture doesn’t move until you do.

There’s no escaping social, so it’s time to dig in. Or...maybe you’ve tried.

Small and scaling startups in the media, technology and arts sectors who want to grow brand awareness.

CEOs and CMOs ready to alleviate the level of uncertainty that comes with social media strategy and marketing. 

Platforms like film festivals and creative agencies that want to remain on trend, without sacrificing their entertainment and culture roots.

I work with marginalized voices who are leaders in their fields:

Get your brand online and in touch with your audience.

You don't have the capacity to have a full team dedicated to new platforms, to stay abreast of evolving trends, ongoing algorithm changes and to maintain your every day content. This has led your profit and growth to remain stagnant.

...and you’re probably completely overwhelmed by it

You attempt to weed through the sea of “social experts” to get left disappointed.

Revenue, leads and collaborations don’t increase because there has been no work done on messaging, core values and audience psychographics.

You’re pushing out content after content without any strategy, hoping something sticks. 

You brainstorm and strategize with your team in an effort to improve engagement, impressions and following, but realize you don’t really understand the landscape

You drown in the noise of social media, with only a posting schedule and graphics to show for it.

You repeat this cycle:


Let us help you become top-of-mind in your industry and begin to build a voice that gives you a competitive edge.

It’s time to replace vanity with strategy.

Learn More About Me

multicultural-owned brands. 

I specialize in using integrated social media strategies to build profitable

I launched my career just shy of Instagram’s first birthday, so I’ve weathered – and strategically influenced – the social industry’s ebbs, flows and changing of the guard(s). 

Throughout critical cultural moments, I’ve led social strategy campaigns for brands like Essence Magazine, Tribeca Film Festival, Coca-Cola, Travel Noire and Barnes & Noble.

With a decade of industry experience, within academia and consulting, I leverage my 360 understanding of social media to drive value in branding, engagement and impact. 

Founder and Lead Strategist

I’m Natasha J. Benjamin


- Brandon Gibson, Co-Founder, Flume Internet  

As a recent startup with a smaller team, we were struggling with effectively plotting out our social media strategy. We needed someone with a particular expertise to help us think through our overall brand identity and social media execution. Enter Natasha. Her social brand strategy offer allowed us to really understand the landscape, strategically conceptualize our social ideas and put them into practice. The plus side? Her level of professionalism and clear communication garnered our desired results within the promised timeframe.

"[We] garnered our desired results within the promised timeframe...."

- Ruth Gordon-Martin,
Founder & CEO, CODDLE 

Prior to working with Natasha, CODDLE was struggling with its brand voice, reaching my target audience, as well as what solution would my brand offerings provide. After 1:1 social & brand strategy coaching with Natasha, I was able to better understand my brand voice and have more confidence in CODDLE's mission & purpose."

" I was able to better understand my brand voice..."

See what social has done for my clients:


We provide innovative organic and paid social media execution so that your brand remains consistent with the strategy that was previously built and on trend with the current landscape. We assess content and campaign performance monthly and quarterly to ensure social content is meeting our defined KPIs. 

Social Execution

An experience that gives you all the tools and resources needed to drive traffic and increase sales, starting with a plan. We’ll complete in-depth industry listening, audits and monitor market trends to define your undeniable brand zone, show you what needs to be improved on social, and most importantly, a strategy to get there. 

Social Strategy

Here’s how we collaborate:

we work two-fold.

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