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It’s time to gain a ROI on your social media presence.


 This two-phase approach will help to remove the feeling of overwhelm, while an expert handles your social media presence so you can get back to building your brand. 

It has become all too much.

You schedule social strategy and brainstorm on calls with your team in an effort to improve engagement, impressions and following but you realize you and your team don’t really under the landscape 

You attempt to weed through the sea of “social experts” to get left disappointed.

You’re pushing out content after content without any strategy, hoping something sticks 

You’re looking at vanity metrics in hopes that they ladder up to your business goals but you can’t seem to decipher what the data is telling you. 

Revenue, leads and collaborations don’t increase because there has been no work done on messaging, core values and audience psychographics. 

You haven’t moved the needle on social media because… 

let's be real.

It doesn’t stop there. Now that you’ve got the tools, it’s time to use them!

We’ll craft standard messaging guidelines for all your platforms to ensure it aligns with your brand. Put out fires before they happen and minimize crisis scenarios.

Community Management Response Guide

We’ll develop organic and paid platform-specific strategy to ensure organic content increases overall brand awareness. You’ll have paid content that consist of strategic targeting based on your audience’s objectives.

Platform Ecosystem Building

Develop persona(s) based on social media insights and psychographics that will help to inform how ongoing content is approached ensuring key audience is reached.

Social Media Audience Persona

Develop your brand’s key tenets, and truly discover what it is you want to say to the world. Understand what attracts your audience and learn how to speak in a language they not only understand, but take action behind. 

Brand Messaging

We’ll help you identify brand and social media goals that you can actually track. Define key performance indicators and get data that gives you a “why” behind decisions.

Goals & KPI Framework

We’ll complete an audit of your competitors to assess their overall social media presence. We’ll dig through perceived content, cadence, engagement, sentiment and creativity.

Competitive Social Media Audit

We provide in-depth listening to assess overall industry sentiment and messaging, all based on your audience’s needs. Gain social intelligence to develop strategic social content that creates competitive messaging. 

Industry Listening

phase i: social strategy

Let us help you to become top-of-mind in your industry and begin to build a voice that gives you a competitive edge.

Get an inside look at content and campaign performance, key insights and actionable recommendations to achieve set goals and KPIs

Monthly Social Reports

Based on your brand and social strategy that’s developed, we’ll maintain your community within our business hours.

Daily Community Management

Organic and paid social media content that engages your audience. Paid content is based on boosting and targeting recommendations.

Monthly Content Calendar Development

phase iI: social execution

Client Love

- Brandon Gibson, Co-Founder, Flume Internet  

As a recent startup with a smaller team, we were struggling with effectively plotting out our social media strategy. We needed someone with a particular expertise to help us think through our overall brand identity and social media execution. Enter Natasha. Her social brand strategy offer allowed us to really understand the landscape, strategically conceptualize our social ideas and put them into practice. The plus side? Her level of professionalism and clear communication garnered our desired results within the promised timeframe.

"[We] garnered our desired results within the promised timeframe...."

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