at what I do.

absolute best 

And I’m the

I build social strategies for profitable multicultural-owned brands.

Over a decade ago, before I was developing social media strategies for some of the most profitable brands, I was preparing to go down an entirely different path. 

But I was pulled to this “new” medium that was a breeding ground for unfiltered, diverse voices – and it began to shape my future within the industry. I had a strong conviction that strategizing messaging and executing content online for those who are often underrepresented and underserved was the journey I wanted to take, and social media was the avenue I’d use to get there. 

HOw it all began...


But I am dedicated to empowering my clients to become the best, on and offline.

I directed my expertise of messaging, growth strategy, and a deep understanding of culture toward developing social media strategies for the people, interests and spaces I knew needed it the most. 

As a Black woman, I understand the complexities of business growth in social media. Tons of things stand in your way: implicit and algorithm bias, misinformation, and more. 


So I finally decided to lean all the way in.

...and I simply love it! 

I have my Collaborative Institutional Training Institute (CITI) certificate in human subject, social and behavioral research.

I have my Masters Degree in Public Relations and Corporate Communications from New York University. 

I’ve taught at New York University and blazed a trail of new and innovative techniques — working with a team to develop a graduate level social media curriculum. My students have gone on to work with global and national companies. 

I've had roles with Tribeca Film Festival as the Senior Social Media Manager of Partnerships & Activations, overseeing social media content for partners like AT&T, Nespresso, Salesforce, and Tumi.

I’ve led clients to see a collective 800% growth in audience engagement and more 

I’m the best at what I do for a few reasons:

When I'm not masterminding social campaigns or educating students, I am dedicated to my family, ministry and community work, and traveling. I've visited 17 countries (and counting) including Nigeria, Cuba, Barbados, Greece, Dubai, backpacking across four cities in Namibia, and more.

Whether it’s helping your business thrive on social or living life to the fullest, I find adventure in everything I do. 



enjoying the ride

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